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Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 2/28/17

B, D, G & A debate one of America's biggest issues: Do you shower at night, or in the morning?
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6:00 Phat Tuesday 

Happy Fat Tuesday! Today is the day you can splurge and eat your heart out. How will you be celebrating? Is this a holiday to celebrate? Just a reminder, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so don't be telling all your ~bros~ that they have something on their foreheads.

6:15 We aren't buying that. 

Have you ever heard the term millennial? You probably hate it because it's associated with the lazy, ungrateful children of the baby boomers. According to industry reports, millennials just aren't buying the "big" purchases anymore. Paying for TV? Yeah right, everyone is still using their ex-boyfriend's parent's Netflix. No one is making investments either...wait what are investments?

6:30 The Trend 

We are closer than ever to buying booze on Sunday come July, as the law to revoke the ban on Sunday sales has now passed the Senate and House of Representatives. Space X is a thing, and some really rich people are going to space for a little vacation. Ed Sheeran performed with Jimmy Fallon last night and jammed with the cast of The Tonight Show.

6:50 Who has a landline? 

Giselle is moving out of her parents house and her mom has gotten a little too close, kind of treating her like this is college all over again. There's one item that G's mom is deeming necessary for her new place: a landline. Yes, that ancient thing that occasionally receives calls at your parents or even grandparents house. So what else can parents just not get on board with? SnapChat pictures disappearing, the term "hook up," and how Netflix works is seriously just too much to handle, and that's why the millennials are here.

7:15 The Great Debate

The morning show is torn, there is a great debate happening as to whether or not you should shower in the morning or at night. On one side, we have Ben siding with Doctor Philip Tierno Jr. who says, "After just one night, your bed sheets accumulate a horrifying array of dead skin, bacteria, fungus, mites and feces." Dana and Giselle can't get on board with that though because they like sleeping in their own "soup." Which do you prefer?

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Maggie celebrated her birthday with Ben, Dana and Giselle playing $1000 Minute. She received some extra cash just because it's her special day. Thanks for playing along, call in around 7:45am to 651-989-9696.

8:15 Get To Know 

Everyone has some food quirks! Ben is a big fan of squishing hot dogs and throwing some grape jelly on grilled cheese, yum.....Dana is anti-condiments. Giselle has at least a couple of drinks around her at the same time, coffee, water, club soda, Diet Coke, you name it. B, D and G heard from you about your food habits that are just odd. By the way, dipping your French fries in milkshakes isn't weird, it's amazing.

8:50 Red Flags 

Giselle is single and ready to mingle...on Bumble that is, but Ben and Dana being the best work big brothers anyone could have, and want to make sure anyone that comes around G is cool and can hang. If they are over-complimenting you, not letting you get one word in, and god forbid, they order for you are all giant screaming RED FLAGS. GET OUT!!!

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