Best Buy changes its logo for the first time in almost 30 years

No more yellow tag background.
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Wednesday arrives with a big change for Best Buy, which has changed the logo it has had for three decades.

Gone is Best Buy's distinctive, yellow tag background, with the tag instead at the bottom right of the "Y," where Best Buy says it serves as a "graphic punctuation and a visual connection to our history."

The white background version of the new logo.

The white background version of the new logo.

The logo is already live on its website, as well as in ads and TV commercials, and will be soon added to uniforms, shopping bags and store signage.

It's been launched as part of a wider branding refresh that as involves "updated colors, photography and conversational language."

A company that was struggling 5 years ago is now flourishing even in the internet age, and is currently in the midst of its Best Buy 2020 growth plan.

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A new marketing strategy is also going live on Wednesday called "Let's Talk About What's Possible," which putting focus on the "Blue Shirts" that make up Best Buy's in-store staff.

"Telling the story of our people — and how we make a meaningful impact on customers’ lives — is at the heart of this work," Chief Marketing Officer Whit Alexander said in a press release. "Our people are our insurmountable advantage."

As such, you can expect to see more advertising like below that is more conversational in tone and zeroes in on the help customers can get from Best Buy workers.

The marketing strategy could be a good one, given that two retail experts told Bring Me The News that the Richfield-based retailer's level of service is what differentiates it from online competitors like Amazon.

"It seems to be that Best Buy is the last remaining one-stop shop for all things electronic," Paula Rosenblum, of Retail Systems Research, said. "And one thing we all have to remember is that there's always going to be people who need assistance and want to go to a store and bring in their electronics for help."

This is essentially what Alexander says when describing Best Buy's new TV spots, that will show a Best Buy "Blue Shirt" as a friend who helps customers solve their technology problems.

“We have a great story to tell,” Alexander said. "The core of what differentiates Best Buy vs. everyone else — and makes us awesome for customers — is that we understand your unique needs and how tech can enhance your life."

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