Best Buy to offer workers emergency child care for a $10 co-pay

Staff will get up to 10 backup days each year.
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Parents who work at Best Buy and are struck by a last-minute child care emergency can be covered by their company's new "Backup Child Care" benefit.

The Richfield-based retailer announced a new program for working parents that it's launching with's Care@Work.

If a workers unexpectedly find themselves needing childcare while they go to work, Best Buy and will step in to provide a screened- and- background-checked caregiver to look after the employee's child(ren).

The service will step in if, for example, school or daycare closes for a snow day; if a nanny/other carer goes on vacation, is sick or leaves unexpectedly; or if there's a gap in regular child care arrangements.

Called Backup Child Care, employees will be able to take advantage of Best Buy's benefit 10 days of the year, costing them just a $10 co-pay – significantly less expensive and arduous than finding or paying for another nanny/babysittter, or missing work entirely.

The co-pay covers up to 10 hours of care at a child care center (for one child), or care at home – even if it's multiple children.

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Best Buy said it was inspired by some of the struggles experienced by employees who were let down last-minute by care providers.

"Providing Backup Child Care was an easy decision to make, and we’re thrilled to offer it to all employees," said Charlie Montreuil, Best Buy’s senior vice president of HR rewards. 

"No one should ever have to choose between coming to work or making sure they have quality care for their child."

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