Beyond Normal podcast: How to keep your relationship strong during the coronavirus pandemic

Emotions are running high. This couples therapist has some timely advice.
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Minneapolis-based The Big Know interviews wellbeing experts in Beyond Normal sell-care podcast for COVID-19.

How can couples get stronger while battling the stresses of COVID-19?

Emotions are running high. Some couples are isolated from one another. Many are sheltered in place day after day with few outlets. Suddenly parents have to teach their own children in addition to their work. So much is out of our control right now.

The good news? Partners have a chance to reset expectations, slow down, and bond through this common struggle.

In this episode of Beyond Normal, Marriage & Family Therapist Jen Elmquist shares practical tips for couples to navigate COVID-19 with your partner.

This podcast series was rushed to production in just two weeks by The Big Know, which used its connections to health experts around the world to provide comfort for Americans trying to answer questions that were unthinkable not long ago.

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More about Jen Elmquist

Jen Elmquist is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of the best-selling book "Relationship Reset." She serves clients out of her consulting practice, The Relationship Studio. To learn more about Jen, visit her website.


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