Bison shot in the eye, killed in rural Minnesota

It's illegal to kill bison without a permit.
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Authorities in southwest Minnesota are trying to find out who shot and killed a bison. 

The Redwood County Sheriff's Office was alerted Friday that a bison near the 32000 block of CSAH 41 in rural Sanborn had been shot in its eye and killed, with the shooting happening sometime between March 17-19. 

The bison was just 1 year old. 

An investigation is ongoing and the sheriff's office is asking anyone with information about the incident to call them at 507-637-4036. 

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It's illegal to kill bison without a permit anywhere in the U.S., unless it's on Native American lands. 

According to the Washington Post, there were approximately 30 million bison in the U.S. in the early 1800s but by the time Congress passed a law making it illegal to kill them (1894), there were fewer than 1,000 remaining. 

In 2016, former President Barack Obama signed a law that made the bison the national mammal. 

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