Black bear shot and killed in North St. Paul

Authorities say it posed a threat to public safety.
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A black bear is dead after wandering into a residential are of North St. Paul on Thursday. 

On Thursday morning, North St. Paul police tweeted a photo of a bear in a tree, and around 3:15 p.m. the Minnesota DNR announced that the bear had been shot and killed as a safety measure for the public. 

According to the DNR, a conservation officer shot and killed the killed the bear, which was believed to be about 2-years-old and 110-120 pounds. 

"The bear carcass will be processed and the meat will be distributed to people in need of food," the DNR said. 

"Due to the density of residences and roads in this area, it was unlikely that the bear would have been able to escape to more suitable habitat, especially during daylight hours and during the morning rush hour."

The DNR notes that public interest in the bear was gathering onlookers, adding that bears can become agitated and "pose a danger to humans when they become trapped or cornered as this bear had become in the neighborhood tree."

What's more is that the DNR says it does not tranquilize or relocate bears because relocated bears "seldom remain where they are released," and they "may return to where they were caught." 

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