Black bear spotted around Arden Hills church

Residents are being told to leave the bear alone and let it pass through.
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A black bear is hanging around Arden Hills.

The city posted an alert notifying residents the bear was spotted near North Heights Lutheran Church. That's on Hwy. 96, on the east side of Hwy. 10 (Round Lake is on the west side of the highway).

Nearby are some houses, a public works facility, a park with baseball fields and tennis courts, and about a half mile away is a KinderCare site.

So what should residents do?

Get a handle on any food sources, first off. The city says you should take down bird feeders, secure any garbage, and make sure you don't have dog or cat food out.

"The best policy is to leave the bear alone and let it pass through, if it isn't posing a threat," the city says.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office and Minnesota DNR are both aware of the bear. The city says  if the bear does become a threat, call 911 or the Ramsey County Animal Control Officer at 651-767-0640.

Last month, the DNR shot and killed a black bear in North St. Paul after determining it was becoming a threat to public safety. The agency said the bear had attracted onlookers, and then became cornered in a tree. The DNR said it does not tranquilize or relocate bears because relocated bears "seldom remain where they are released," and they "may return to where they were caught."

The black bear is the only species of bear in Minnesota, according to the DNR. They generally try to avoid people, but can come into contact with them when seeking food.

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