Blizzard in North Dakota shuts down interstates, leaves motorists stranded

Hundreds of miles of I-94 and I-29 are closed due to the conditions.
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A blizzard in North Dakota has shut down interstates near the Minnesota border and left some drivers stranded.

A No Travel advisory has been issued for northeast parts of the state, after a combination of snow, high winds, ice and zero visibility has created horrendous conditions on the roads.

A No Travel advisory is also in place in northwestern Minnesota as snow continues to fall on Thursday morning.

Across the border, authorities have shut down I-94 between Bismarck and Fargo, and I-29 between Fargo and Grand Forks.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol says it's working to rescue motorists who have become stranded in the blizzard.

The National Weather Service reports that winds are blowing at speeds of 35-45 mph, with gusts up to 55mph.

Conditions are expected to be bad in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota throughout the day.

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