Boy who fell from rocks in Taylors Falls is in a medically-induced coma

Jacari Foote fell at Interstate State Park on Thursday.
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The boy who was seriously injured when falling from rocks at Interstate State Park on Thursday is in a medically-induced coma.

Despite authorities initially saying the victim in the fall was a 10-year-old child, it's since been revealed to be 8-year-old Jacari Foote, who was hiking with his uncle and cousin when he suffered the fall.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to help his family, Jacari is in Regions Hospital and was placed in a medically-induced coma to give his brain time for heal before surgery.

He suffered multiple facial and skull fractures, and is in a stable but critical condition.

Fortunately it looks like his condition is improving, with an update posted Monday noting that Jacari has started moving his hands and legs, even though he'll be kept in the coma until at least after the first surgery, which is due to take place on Tuesday.

Jacari is a keen football player, playing as a quarterback for the Westside Boosters Ducks tackle football team. 

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His mom, Tatiana Thompson, and dad Eugene Foote have been by his side since arriving in hospital, after he fell from a part of Interstate State Park called Angle Rock.

Thompson told KSTP she's not sure how he came to fall as his uncle and cousin had their backs turned when he fell, only realizing something was wrong as he screamed "Uncle, uncle" as he slipped off the edge, falling 50 feet to the ground below.

The GoFundMe campaign has so far raised over $3,000.

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