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Brick thrown through Birchwood Cafe's door in smash-and-grab robbery

The restaurant says no one was injured.

A popular Minneapolis eatery is cleaning up after a mess left by a "not-so-smart-person" attempting an overnight robbery.

In a Saturday morning tweet, Birchwood Cafe announced — with photographic evidence — that someone had thrown a brick through their front door:

Luckily, the restaurant says, no employees were there at the time — and the cash register the robber(s) made off with was "completely empty." 

Birchwood also says "the show must go on," so staff are now sweeping up glass and preparing for business as usual.

The restaurant has a long history in the community. According to Birchwood's website, its roots reach all the way back to 1926, when the Bursch family established a dairy in the neighborhood. In the 1940s, the business evolved into a grocery store, and decades later, in 1995, it became a cafe. 

It specializes in "local, sustainable, organic food."

Birchwood wasn't the only restaurant targeted by thieves on Friday night.

J. Selby's, a plant-based eatery on Victoria Street in St. Paul shared pictures showing its window had also been smashed by thieves.

"Luckily not much of value was taken, and we are boarded up now."

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