Broken window forces Delta flight to make emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

The flight took off at MSP and was bound for Seattle.
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A Delta Air Lines flight had to make an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Tuesday morning. 

According to airport spokesman Patrick Hogan, Delta flight 589 headed for Seattle turned around shortly after its 11:25 a.m. takeoff and made an emergency landing at 11:40 a.m. due to a broken cockpit window. 

Delta issued a statement to Bring Me The News, noting that there was "an issue with the First Officer's window seal." 

"Delta apologizes to customers of flight 589 for the delay incurred after the flight returned to Minneapolis shortly after takeoff due to an issue with the First Officer’s window seal. The flight taxied to the gate and customers were re-accommodated on an alternate aircraft. As always, the safety of our customers and crew is our top priority."

There were 169 passengers onboard the flight, which Hogan says was greeted by emergency vehicles on the tarmac as soon as it landed. 

Emergency situations aren't all that uncommon at MSP Airport, or any other airport, according to Hogan. 

"Any time a flight crew suspects there could be a problem – an indicator light going off in the cockpit, possible hydraulic issues, gear issues, a haze in the cabin, and other irregular circumstances can lead to a call for emergency responders to stand by just in case they are needed," said Hogan. 

"Issues with windows are less common but can occur due to bird strikes or other issues."

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