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Brooklyn Park businesses close for evening after shootings nearby

Police say they have seen a 'drastic' rise in violence over the past month.
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A number of businesses were advised to close for the evening on Thursday after two shootings within two hours in Brooklyn Park.

The incidents happened in the areas of 63rd and Zane avenues, with surveillance footage released by Brooklyn Park Police Department showing large groups of predominantly young, black male gathering in a park lot.

In the first incident, just after 6 p.m., the video shows a large number of people in the group start to flee after eight rounds were fired. The video also shows one male handing what appears to be a handgun.

It's not known if anyone was struck, nor is it known what sparked the shooting.

The second incident was reported at 7:42 p.m. and video shows a young male being shot in the leg by another.

No arrests have been made by police and investigations to identify the suspects continue.

Police say they worked with local businesses to close for the evening after the shootings.

"The City of Brooklyn Park has seen a drastic increase in violent crime in this area over the past four weeks as large groups continue to gather," a police spokesman said.

"In the past three weeks there have been five shootings and an increase in other incidents involving weapons."

If you can identify anyone in the videos, call police at at 763-493-8222.

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