Burning boat starts chain reaction of fires on Lake Minnetonka

Three boats were destroyed along with a dock.
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A fire that started on a recreational boat on Lake Minnetonka turned more serious when it drifted towards other boats, setting them alight as well.

The drama unfolded at LaFayette Bay around 4 p.m. Sunday, when a boat caught fire and the people on board had to be rescued.

While they got off the boat safely, their boat drifted towards a residential dock, setting 2 more boats alight along with the adjacent dock and overhead canopy, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office told BMTN.

Pictures and video shared on Facebook by the Tonka Bay Marina shows large plumes of black smoke billowing over nearby Shoreline Drive.

The fires were extinguished with help from the Mound Fire Department, but all three boats were destroyed along with the dock and canopy.

Nobody was injured as a result of the blaze, and it's not yet been determined what caused the initial fire.

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