Burnsville mega church pastor on leave amidst sex abuse investigation

Two women say Rev. Wes Feltner manipulated them while he was a youth pastor at another church.
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A south metro pastor is on leave after two women say he manipulated them in dating relationships 17 years ago. 

The two women have shared their stories on a blog about their experiences with Rev. Wes Feltner, current lead pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville. 

The women's stories are similar. Both women say they spoke to Feltner following breakups in 2002 while he was a youth pastor at their church in Indiana. Both women were 18 at the time and say Feltner wanted them to keep their relationship secret because he was publicly dating another woman.

Both women also say Feltner used his position of power to pressure them sexually and dismissed their concerns when they questioned his behavior. 

Eventually, the women's paths crossed and they found out they had both been secretly dating Feltner while he publicly dated another woman. According to the women, the situation was made aware to his then-church and Feltner left his role. 

The incident resurfaces 17 years later

It's been 17 years since the incidents, and both women say it's been a long road to healing. 

Feltner currently is a pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville, married, and removed from the lives of both women. 

However, according to both Feltner and the women, these allegations resurfaced when a Tennessee woman familiar with the situation in 2002 found out the pastor was being considered for a position at a local church.  

According to the women's blog, they thought the Tennessee church should know about Feltner's past. 

Feltner admitted in a statement to Berean Baptist that he had considered joining another church but suspended his consideration as soon as the allegations surfaced.

"I agree with some of the facts alleged in the statements and deeply regret the hurt I caused but some of the allegations are not true,"Feltner said in a statement to his congregation. 

Feltner did not go into much detail about which parts of the allegations were and were not true. He did, however, admit to dating the women with the permission of their parents when they were 18 and he was a "single young man working as a youth leader."

Feltner says he has reached out to the women "several times" seeking an opportunity to hear their story and respond, but he has not heard back. 

"I remain fully willing to address and apologize for any concerns whenever they are willing to talk," the pastor said in his statement. 

In the meantime, Feltner is on leave while independent investigators evaluate the situation. 

Feltner is also suspended from teaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he served as an adjunct professor. 

In Minnesota, a clergy member who has sex with someone they counsel is guilty of criminal sexual conduct regardless of consent or age, the Star Tribune explains. That is not the case in Indiana where Feltner worked at the time of the incidents. 

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