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Buttigieg takes jab at Walter Mondale during Dem debate, angers Minnesotans

So much for the Klobuchar-Buttigieg Midwest ticket.
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Pete Buttigieg is facing an uphill battle of convincing Minnesota Democrat voters on Super Tuesday after he took a jab at Walter Mondale.

During Wednesday night's debate, Buttigieg cited the former Vice President, U.S. Senator, and Democratic presidential candidate as a reason why Amy Klobuchar couldn't win the presidency.

It came shortly after Klobuchar slammed Buttigieg as inexperienced, while touting her own success gaining re-election in Minnesota.

"This is a race for president. If winning a race for for Senate in Minnesota translated directly to becoming president, I would have grown up during the presidency of Walter Mondale," Buttigieg retorted. "This is different. The reason I think we need to talk about the Washington experience is to ask what that experience has led to."

Now the comment is somewhat rich because it's not like there is a glittering history of mayors from South Bend, Indiana becoming president.

The only South Bend resident to come close to the presidency was Schuyler Colfax, a New York native who was vice president under Ulysses S. Grant in 1868 (Colfax, ironically, died after suffering a heart attack in Mankato, Minnesota).

Mondale, of course, famously served as the VP under Jimmy Carter having spent eight years as a U.S. Senator for Minnesota. He went on to face Ronald Reagan as the Democratic nominee in 1984, only to lose in a landslide with Minnesota the only state he won (and even then only just).

He also stepped in at the last minute to run again for U.S. Senate following the death of Paul Wellstone two weeks before the election, only to lose to Norm Coleman.

He remains a beloved figure among Minnesota Democrats, many of whom were insulted by the sleight against the venerable politician. It sparked the hashtag #MNLovesMondale after the debate.

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