Buzz growing about Amy Klobuchar as a presidential candidate

People are increasingly talking about the Minnesota senator as a future president.
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The presidential election is still more than two years away, but talk is already turning to which Democrat will challenge President Donald Trump.

One of the names being increasingly mooted as a possible presidential candidate? Minnesota's own Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The senator, who was first elected in 2006, is seeking a third term in November's mid-terms, and she is the overwhelming favorite to win re-election.

But the question is whether she'll end up serving her full term should the possibility of a presidential run present itself.

This week, CNN has shifted Klobuchar up two spots in its rankings of the most likely Democratic candidate. She is now in 7th place in the list topped by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The reason they give for the senator's move up the table is that she's a popular politician in the Midwest, which the Democrats are looking to wrest control back of from President Trump, and "is the only woman on our list who is not running to the left."

"This unique combination of a more moderate tone with demographic appeal could pay dividends," it writes, albeit notes that her record could hurt her among the Democrats' growing liberal base. is even more high on Klobuchar as a candidate, even though it claims nobody outside of Minnesota knows who she is.

Her 60 percent approval rating in her own state, it notes, is higher than any other senators apart from Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders in Vermont and GOP Sen. John Thune in South Dakota.

And because Minnesota is a more closely divided state than Vermont and South Dakota, Vox argues "she's probably the most popular politician in America."

"Democrats want to put their various factional disputes aside and just try to win the damn election, Klobuchar smells a lot like the electability candidate to me. Democrats are aware that they need to do better at appealing to the secular, white, Midwestern working-class voters who backed John Kerry and Barack Obama but then flipped to Trump. Klobuchar has a proven track record of winning those voters without necessarily taking any positions on issues that Democrats elsewhere have too much of a problem with.

Is she a guaranteed winner? No. But I think she deserves to be a top-tier candidate alongside Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), etc."

For what it's worth, Klobuchar told Cosmopolitan last year she has no interest in running in 2020, saying: "I am happy where I am right now, focused on the needs of Minnesotans."

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