Calhoun Beach Club changing its name to something to be announced later

It's the latest entity to drop "Calhoun" from its name.
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Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis.

Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis.

The Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis is dropping Calhoun from its name. 

"We’ve decided to drop Calhoun from our name, just as many others in the community are doing," Jamie Alvarez of Amico, Calhoun Beach Club's owner, told BMTN on Friday.

"Recent events have inspired deeper dialogue and discussion that we are engaging in," an email to residents said. "Today, in alliance with our broader community, we're announcing our decision to remove Calhoun from our name,"

Amico said over the next few weeks residents will see the building transition to a new name, noting they're still working on what that name will be. 

The apartment building took its name from the nearby Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun) and John C. Calhoun, the former vice president and senator who was a supporter of slavery and while secretary of war formulated a failed plan to deport Native Americans west of the Mississippi River.

The change in the name follows the owners of the nearby Calhoun Square deciding to drop the name Calhoun and the much-publicized name change for Lake Calhoun to its original Dakota name. This name change was affirmed in a recent Minnesota Supreme Court decision. 

This also comes as there's a public push to remove statues of slavery supporters and others. 

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