Can't keep track of your digital scribbles? StoneNotes is your answer

Make your desktop an extension of your brain.

The one thing the digital age has somehow managed not to improve? The ancient art of note-taking.

It's too easy to forget where you "placed" your digital scribbles on your computer — Microsoft Word, Notepad, .txt files, the list goes on — and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and disorganized.

These things should be figured out in the 21st Century. And the folks who developed StoneNotes couldn't agree more.

StoneNotes? What's that?

It's a powerful, customizable personal information system that makes your textual thoughts easier to record, and just as importantly, easier to search and organize

This new app brings note-taking to the next level by working more in line with how your brain actually organizes thoughts, ideas and memories than your PC currently can.

Okay, how?

StoneNotes utilizes spatial desktop concepts, a somewhat forgotten visual design approach that's widely regarded as the most user-friendly way to order items in a computer system.

By leveraging decades of research and experience, the program helps make your operating system into an easy-to-use personal "database" that actually helps you remember a) where your information is stored and b) the information itself without having to look it up.

The upshot is that your notes can be found and re-digested easily (in other words, you don't have to go on a wild goose chase through folders to find what you need, or scratch your head trying to remember what it meant).

Who can use it?

If your brain is your primary work tool, StoneNotes is for you. 

It's a critical asset to those who have to rely on their thinking power for work and need to keep track of lots of scattered information: writers and other creatives, researchers, programmers, and anyone else who might need to store, search and process text in a way that's convenient and makes sense.

Where can I get it?

Download StoneNotes right here.

The folks who designed the app are so confident in it they're offering both a 7-day free trial AND a 30-day money back guarantee.So if you're ready to make your desktop an extension of your brain, start the free trial today. 

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