Car hits approach, plows through flower bed and into lake west of St. Cloud

The driver walked away without injuries.
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An Avon, Minnesota man walked away without injuries after a wild crash that ended with the car he was driving submerged in a lake. 

The accident happened Friday night in the 34000 block of County Road 9 in Avon Township, with the Stearns County Sheriff's Office describing the crash as follows: 

"According to Sheriff Steve Soyka, the 2012 Chevrolet Chrysler 200 left the roadway and entered the ditch hitting an approach. The Chrysler continued through a yard hitting a raised flower bed garden and down the hill into Lower Spunk Lake."

Somehow, the driver didn't suffer any injuries, and he was helped out of the vehicle by good Samaritans and an Avon first responder. 

The cause of the crash has been cited as a medical condition, and authorities have ruled out distracted or impaired driving as a factor. 

A tow truck pulled the car from the lake following the crash. 

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