Carly Zucker receives intimidating, sick messages from local cyberbully

The Twin Cities radio personality said it was a new level of awful.
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Internet bullying reached a frightening level Wednesday night for Carly Zucker, who received scary comments from a man claiming to be a neighbor of hers in Minnetonka.

Zucker, a personality and host for KFAN radio and wife of Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker, posted a screenshot of the nasty comments sent to her after she shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram.  

The unknown internet bully lashed out with a comment saying: "She's gonna be a slut just like you." 

"What is wrong with you?" Zucker replied. "To say that about an 8 year old is disgusting."

The man's online assault then escalated with a series of scary, grammatically-incorrect comments. 

"Awwww your so cute. Have you man show up in the playoffs."

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"Here's what bugs me. I could pay a compliment about you and you wouldn't say s***'d let it go because you married into millions. but when i talk s*** you'll call me on it." 

So the moral here is you shouldn't be nice to celebrities on Twitter, because you're more likely to get a reaction when you're nasty? Outstanding logic.

But then it gets really scary when he claims to be a nearby neighbor.

"What's horrifying is i literally life a few houses down from you in Tonka," he wrote. "Parents are loaded. Jason can't score. Which is apparent because he landed your chubby cheeks." 

Zucker tweeted a snapshot of the comments and said she has thick skin but the man's awful attack makes her sad. 

She brushed it off further by tweeting that she's sad "because he can’t use the correct 'you’re' in a sentence."

It's unclear who the online attacker is. Zucker didn't out him, likely taking the high road when she easily could have fed him to a ruthless Twitter mob.

Zucker hosts "Overtime with Carly Zucker" on KFAN, a show dedicated to talking about the good things athletes do in the community. You can listen back to past episodes here.  

Cyberbullying can be classified as a crime in Minnesota

Minnesota has laws in place to help prevent bullying and cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying can be "prosecuted as harassment when the defendant repeatedly sends or posts unwanted electronic communications to or about the victim in order to invade the victim’s privacy, or effect the victim’s safety," according to

According to, 43 percent of kids have been bullied online and 70 percent report seeing frequent cyberbullying. 

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