Cellphone data reveals Minnesotans are among best at social distancing

Well, it is ingrained in the state psyche.

Minnesota is among the best states in the country at social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

That's according to new data provided by Unacast, which has graded each state and county based upon their cellphone movements – Minnesota gets an "A" grade.

Since the outbreak began, Minnesotans have decreased their distance traveled by 45.66 percent, after state leaders called on residents to stay home when possible to slow the spread of the virus.

That is higher than the national average, with Americans on average reducing their travel by just over 39 percent.

You can check it out here.

Gov. Tim Walz referenced the data in his press conference on Tuesday, saying that the efforts of Minnesotans is helping to stretch out "the peak infection rate a little bit," thus helping reduce the demand on healthcare services.

Those living in the Twin Cities have been particularly good at staying put, with Hennepin County residents cutting their travel in half, while Carver County residents have cut theirs by 56 percent.

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Top of the pile is Washington County in the east metro, where residents have reduced their travel by 57 percent.

Other top performing counties include Swift, Traverse, Red Lake, and Norman, though these have fluctuating results due to the smaller sample size.

On the flip side, the worst performing county is Otter Tail, where residents have only reduced their travel by 17 percent.

Lake and Aitkin counties had similar small reductions in travel.

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