Chanhassen family receives racist note in their mailbox

The letter containing the N-word was discovered Thursday and reported to police.
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chanhassen racist note

The discovery of a racist note in a Chanhassen mailbox has led to an uproar on social media as well as a possible law enforcement investigation. 

On Friday, a Facebook user named Vern May shared the above photo from her friend, who May says is a white woman with an African-American daughter.

According to the post, May's friend found the note in her mailbox on Thursday, and reported the incident to police.

For May, the discovery raised serious questions about hidden bigotry in a state where people "like to think we’re not racist."

If this surprises you, she says, you should "educate yourself about the emotionally and mentally damaging toll of growing up as a (person of color) in an institutionally racist society."

According to KSTP, the Carver County Sheriff's Office is looking into the incident, but "it will be tough to identify a suspect without witnesses or viable evidence."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 952-361-1212.

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If you're wondering if what the writer of the note did was actually illegal, the short  answer is yes.

Federal law prohibits the placement of any "mail-able matter" without postage — which would almost certainly describe the racist note — into any mailbox (door slots don't count, however).

Those who violate this law face fines of several thousand dollars.

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