Chaos at MSP Airport as security change leads to long waits

Remodeling on Terminal 1 starts today, prompting huge delays for passengers.

The security changes imposed by Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport started on Monday, and proved a nightmare for early morning travelers.

With floor remodeling at Terminal 1 starting today, MSP has imposed a change on security access, with TSA and CLEAR PreCheck passengers and airport employees directed to the South security checkpoint, and all other passengers the North.

By 6 a.m. there were already massive lines inside the terminal, with even the PreCheck security gate experiencing absurdly long lines.

Some took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the waits and the timing of the construction work – among them celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern.

"Simply shocking morning of mismanagement at MSP international airport," he wrote on Twitter. "Same number of flights and same number of ppl and yet hundreds on lines stretching the length of the airport. Haven’t seen it like this in, well, ever. Passengers in full Lord of the Flies mode."

"Why wouldn’t you start construction for security in the mid afternoon or on a Tuesday when less people fly? Because ridiculous doesn’t even describe how terrible it is right now," Twitter user @Frimpy30 wrote.

"Hey MSP Airport thanks for ruining everyone’s morning with that security experience from hell. You could have at least given travelers a heads up to arrive 6 hrs early due to your incompetence," @NewYorkBretts wrote.

Judging by photos on social media, the situation appeared to have improved once the initial Monday morning rush dissipated, though some are feared to have missed their flights due to the wait.

Here's hoping the gridlock of Monday morning is not the theme for travelers at MSP going forward. The security change will be in place until at least mid-December as the remodeling work is carried out.

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