Charges: Andover man sat in passenger seat as child crashed into Mankato skate park building

Fortunately, the child wasn't seriously injured.
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Chelsey Skate Park in Mankato.

Chelsey Skate Park in Mankato.

A 22-year-old Twin Cities-area man is accused of allowing a child to drive his vehicle, leading to a crash in Mankato. 

According to court documents, Connor Quinn Hudalla, of Andover, has been charged with a gross misdemeanor for contributing to the delinquency of a child. 

The incident connected to the charge happened Tuesday, Aug. 20, when Hudalla let a 9-year-old boy drive a Mazda Miata in reverse through a parking lot at YMCA Chelsey Skate Park. 

Hudalla sat unbuckled in the passenger seat while the boy drove the manual transmission vehicle. At one point, the boy switched gears, going out of reverse into third gear, then hit the accelerator and crashed into the building. 

The complaint notes that the child was treated at the scene by paramedics while Hudalla's head hit and broke the windshield, causing a cut. 

The criminal complaint states that the boy's mother was seen on surveillance video taking photos or video while her child drove. 

The YMCA skate park is an indoor/outdoor facility located at 161 Jaycee Court in Mankato. 

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