Charges: Anoka man broke no-contact order, assaulted woman who is now in intensive care

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An Anoka man is in custody and charged with assault after alleging breaking a no-contact order and attacking a female victim. 

The incident happened Jan. 3, with a woman calling 911, screaming to an operator that she had been hit by a vehicle and was running for help. The call came from the 3400 block of Golden Valley Road, and officers arrived in the area and found man straddling the victim, who was on her back in the middle of Major Circle Road. 

There, 45-year-old Raul Vincente Arrangure Lizarraga, of Anoka, was arrested and later booked into Hennepin County Jail where he is now charged with third-degree assault-substantial bodily harm. 

The woman had a no-contact order against Lizarraga. That order was broken when the woman was driving her friend's vehicle and Lizarraga blocked her in, then slammed into the car she was in, according to a criminal complaint. 

Two witnesses saw the woman run from the crash site, only to be chased down by Lizarraga, who is accused of dragging the victim and slamming her head onto the ground. She was found bleeding from the nose and mouth, and is now being treated for a subdural hematoma in the Intensive Care Unit at North Memorial Health Hospital. 

Police described the collision between the Lizarraga and the victim's vehicles as violent because both vehicles sustained significant damage. 

If you know anyone that is affected by domestic violence, you can find more information on services available here, via the Minnesota DPS.

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