Charges: Anti-abortion 'stink bomb' protester also planned to egg stage

The 19-year-old has been charged with several offenses.
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The man accused of stink bombing an anti-abortion event in Rochester had also planned to throw eggs at the stage during the Wednesday event.

Charges have been filed against Samuel Vanderwiel, 19, of Rochester, including for felony terroristic threats and 5th degree assault.

An auditorium at Rochester Community Technical College had been hired out for a pro-life event, but attendees had to be evacuated as a noxious smell became apparent.

Some of those in attendance reported suffering headaches and chest pains after they left the theater, with police arriving to find Vanderwiel in the custody of a security guard. having been identified by someone who worked at the college.

Vanderwiel told police he had mixed ammonia and phosphorous match heads in a water bottle so that it would smell like rotten eggs. 

He told police he had also planned to throw eggs at the event, though he ultimately didn't do this.

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He told police he entered the theater, which had been rented out by a local church to host the 40 Days For Life and Students for Life Kick Off event, opened the bottle and spilled a little of the mixture, before setting the bottle down and leaving.

"Vanderwiel was trying to organize others to protest with him, but was unable to, so he made the 'stink bomb' to protest the event by himself," the criminal complaint said.

Two of the witnesses who spoke to police said they felt "fearful and jittery" when they heard about a "suspicious bottle" in the building.

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