Charges: Biker gang 'Hells Outcasts' assaulted bouncer, threatened to shoot up St. Paul bar

It followed a dispute over the right to display gang colors on the premises.
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Justin Wainner

Members of the Twin Cities biker gang, Hells Outcasts, assaulted a bouncer at a St. Paul bar in a dispute over gang colors.

A criminal complaint has been filed this week against one of the gang's members, Justin Raymon Wainner, 41, of Oakdale, who stood by and watched the bouncer get beaten before threatening to "shoot up" the Saloon Bar on Hudson Road in St. Paul on Friday, Nov. 9.

The fight allegedly happened because the Hells Outcasts had been told they couldn't wear their gang colors in the bar and be served, but members noticed other gangs had been allowed to wear their colors.

The bouncer suffered a torn cornea in the attack, and both he and the Saloon Bar owner have since received threatening phone calls telling them not to cooperate with police.

A witness positively identified Wainner, who refused to leave the bar after the fight was over and then yelled that he was going to shoot up the bar and the people inside it.

After people pleaded with him not to open fire, Wainner left and witnesses gave police his license plate number.

Officers tracked him down and found him in possession of two guns, for which he said he had a permit, as well as a blackjack in his pocket. He was wearing his Hells Outcasts leather jacket at the time.

Wainner refused to identify any of the other men involved in the fight when shown surveillance footage by police, and eventually asked for a lawyer.

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He also made phone calls to his wife from jail, in which he referred to someone by their initials and asked her to call "the judge."

When his wife said "the judge" was in Washington County, Wainner said: "I don’t give a s---. See what he can do to help us. I need every card I can pull right now."

The criminal complaint states that the Hells Outcasts are a "notorious and active gang in Ramsey County."

Wainner has been charged with threats of violence and crime committed for the benefit of a gang.

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