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Charges: Brothers destroyed property inside Minneapolis police station during riots

They're both charged with second-degree burglary in connection to the May 29 incident.
Rory Amsler Trevor Amsler

Rory Amsler and Trevor Amsler

Two brothers from Minneapolis are accused of destroying property inside the Minneapolis Police Department's Third Precinct during the unrest following the death of George Floyd. 

Rory Amsler, 29, and Trevor Amsler, 26, are each charged with one count of second-degree burglary, according to the criminal complaints filed on June 8. 

According to the criminal complaints, on June 3, a crime analyst with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office obtained and provided Minneapolis police with a copy of a Facebook Live video Rory Amsler posted May 29 that showed him and his brother Trevor Amsler walking around the second floor of the Third Precinct. 

The video shows them destroying property, including ripping items off the wall and throwing a table out the window, the complaints state. They're seen rummaging through an office, airing personal information from documents they found, including suspect information. 

Rory Amsler is heard on the video saying he's not taking anything, calling himself a reporter. As he's saying this, he is filming Trevor Amsler smashing a locked desk drawer with a hammer, then opening the drawer taking a cell phone charger, the complaints say.

Trevor Amsler also located a bag of ammunition from another officer's desk and dumped it out, the complaints note. The video shows him saying he found a gun scope and put an object into a large bag. He is then recorded beating a locked door with a hammer until it opened, revealing a storage closet. 

During the video, the two brothers separate and Rory Amsler walks into the basement, finding it fully engulfed in flames, court documents say. He flees from the precinct and the video ends with him trying to find his brother inside. 

The Amslers were apprehended and brought to the police department on June 5, the complaints say. Trevor Amsler was read his Miranda rights and then he explained he and his brother went to the Third Precinct the day after the siege.

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He admitted he used a hammer to break into desks and doors while inside and said he took a cell phone charger and a flashlight charger that he believed was a rifle scope. He said he had to flee the building from a second-floor window because of the fire and left the items behind in his backpack.

Rory Amsler, after being read his Miranda rights, admitted he was in the building filming his brother stealing and damaging property, but didn't take anything himself, the complaints say.

Trevor and Rory Amsler were released from jail on June 8 after each posting $40,000 bond, jail records show. Their first court appearances are scheduled for July 8.

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