Charges detail struggle that led to St. Cloud cop being shot in hand

An 18-year-old has been charged with first-degree assault of a peace officer.
Sumaree Boose

An 18-year-old man has been charged with first-degree assault over the shooting of a police officer in St. Cloud, misinformation about which sparked unrest at the police precinct.

Sumaree Boose, of St. Cloud, first came to the attention of police on the evening of Sunday, June 14, with officers seeing a Facebook Live video showing him pointing to a possible gun in his pocket.

With officers aware that Boose doesn't have a permit for the weapon, two of them went in separate squad cars to the Go For It Gas station at 1000 9th Ave. S.

When they arrived, one of the officers issued verbal commands to Boose, who tried to flee on foot with the others.

The officer chased Boose, with a struggle ensuing in a yard a block away, with the officer claiming that Boose resisted arrest.

The officer then used his Taser, firing a cartridge at Boose, who still refused to comply with the officer's directions, the complaint states. He fired another cartridge, with a short struggle then ensuing.

During the course of this struggle, the officer said he'd been "hit," with the other officer arriving at the scene to find him in pain and short of breath. The struck officer said "I got my hand on it."

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Boose meanwhile was claiming he had been "shot in the chin." The investigation that followed found he had either been injured when grazed by the bullet that was shot through the officer's hand, or when he struck his chin on the ground during the struggle.

Boose also claimed that the officer may have shot himself and struck Boose as a result, but an investigation found this wasn't consistent with footage taken from a Taser video, and also that the single shot had come from Boose's gun, not the officer's.

The incident sparked a series of rumors on social media that suggested a teenager had been shot by police, sparking protests and criminal damage at the St. Cloud Police Precinct.

Police Chief Blair Anderson slammed the rumor-mongering afterwards, saying it could have gotten somebody killed.

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