Charges: Driver tailgated motorist, shot at his windows in random attack

Police found meth on the suspect when they arrested him.
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Daniel Reitmajer

A man has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly firing shots at another motorist in northern Minnesota.

Daniel Reitmajer, 25, of Makinen, has been charged with two counts of 1st-degree attempted murder, one count premeditated and the other with intent.

The incident unfolded near Eveleth just after 5 a.m. on Monday morning, when the driver of a blue Dodge Dakota was fired upon after he was followed by a white pickup truck.

Police found bullet holes in the rear windows of the Dodge, with the windshield also having been cracked by the impact.

The driver, who was "visibly shaken," per a criminal complaint, told police he was on his way to work and was traveling past the post office in Makinen when a white pickup "pulled up and got right up on his bumper."

The pickup truck continued to tailgate him, before pulling alongside him.

The victim said he didn't know the driver, who pulled a gun on him and fired as the victim slammed on the brakes, turning around and driving off as fast as he could.

The driver shot at him a second time, hitting the back window of his truck.

A description of the white truck led police to Reitmajer a short time later. Officers found three .22-caliber rounds in his pocket, along with a vial and a baggy containing suspected meth.

Police also found a .22-caliber long gun/rifle with live rounds in the chamber. It had been dumped in the snow nearby, but was found sticking up and had frozen snow stuck to it, "as though it was warm when tossed into the snow."

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