Charges: Driver who rammed motorcyclist off road thought it was ex-wife's new boyfriend

The 45 year old from St. Paul has been charged with attempted murder.
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Timothy Biby

The driver accused of the hit-and-run on an 18-year-old motorcyclist says he thought he was ramming his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

Timothy Biby, 45, of St. Paul, is charged with the attempted murder of Grant Skluzacek between Lakeville and Prior Lake on Apr. 29.

Skluzacek was hit from behind as he rode his motorcycle home to Prior Lake at between 10:45-11 p.m. He suffered fractures and road rash, but his injuries could have been much worse considering his badly dented helmet.

Police were alerted to the possibility Biby was responsible when they were contacted by his ex-wife, who according to Biby's criminal complaint says she'd received a letter indicating his involvement.

"I tried to kill your boyfriend," Biby wrote, revealing he waited outside his ex's condo and saw a guy leaving on a bike at which point he "lost it," following him and hitting him with his car.

"Turns out he was a high school kid," he allegedly added. "I hurt an innocent kid. I can't live like this."

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Biby is under a domestic abuse no contact order preventing him contacting his wife, who told police he might have known her boyfriend drove a motorcycle from Facebook pictures.

When first approached by police, Biby says the night of the incident he'd driven straight home from work at 10 p.m., and explained the damage to his Honda as already being there when he bought the car.

He later admitted to police that he wrote the letter.

He has been charged with 1nd degree attempted murder and 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon. 

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