Charges: Duluth man 'lost it' and stabbed wife 10-12 times

His 41-year-old wife died in the June 2 attack.
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Ryan Jazdzewski

A 41-year-old woman died of multiple stab wounds in a domestic violence incident in Duluth on Sunday, and murder charges have now been filed against her 40-year-old husband. 

According to a criminal complaint, Ryan Richard Jazdzewski admitted to investigators that he "lost it" and "killed her" following a "horrible fight" on Sunday evening. 

Officers from the Duluth Police Department were called to 818 Chester Park Drive just after 8:20 p.m. Sunday, with the 911 caller being the 7-year-old daughter of the couple involved in the dispute. 

The girl was covered in blood and asking for help, according to the complaint. 

As an officer was escorting the girl out of the home, Jazdzewski followed them outside. He was also covered in blood, prompting officers to order him onto the ground. His daughter than ran to him and said "don't kill him," the complaint says. 

An unknown number of other children were taken from the home. 

Inside the home was the victim, Nicole Jazdzewski, who was found lying on the kitchen floor having sustained multiple stab wounds to her torso. She was transported to St. Luke's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 9:25 p.m. 

Ryan Jazdzewski admitted that earlier in the day his wife informed him that she wanted a divorce.

He claimed his wife grabbed a knife in the kitchen for self defense, and he took it from her and "I just started stabbing her" – approximately 10-12 times, according to the complaint. 

The couple's oldest daughter was witnessed the attack, and the child saying "don't kill mom" is what got him to stop stabbing her. 

The complaint explains that Jazdzewski then called his mother and said, "Mom, I think I killed my wife." 

Domestic violence in Minnesota

The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women reports that in 79 percent of fatal domestic violence cases where the woman was the victim in 2017, the killer was an intimate partner.

In a third of cases, the victim was either separated or trying to leave the partner who killed them.

More than 65,000 adults in Minnesota use domestic violence service programs every year, though fewer than 50 percent of those suffering from domestic violence ever reach out for help.

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