Charges: Faribault County man held woman captive, raped, stabbed, and beat her

The man suspected of the crimes has been charged with seven felonies.
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Michael Walton Hinton

A southern Minnesota man is has been charged with sexually assaulting and beating a woman he held captive in his home. 

The Faribault County Sheriff's Office were sent to the 100 block of North Henry St. in Elmore on Friday morning, after receiving a report that a woman had been beaten, strangled, raped and held against her will for two days. 

According to a criminal complaint, a deputy arrived and found the woman in extreme pain, observing bruising around her eyes and side of her head, a cut on her head, rug burn on her knee and a stab wound above her knee. 

She told the deputy that a man, identified as Michael Walton Hinton, 53, of Elmore, had stabbed her, hit her in the head with a pipe wrench and injured her ribs. She was transported to the emergency room at a Blue Earth hospital for treatment. 

Hinton was located at his father's home in Blue Earth, and when authorities arrived Hinton said he knew they would be coming for him, the criminal complaint states. 

Warning: Details of the assault may be unsettling. 

The victim later spoke with police and said she went to Hinton's home on April 9 and spent the evening there voluntarily, but the next day Hinton assaulted her and wouldn't let her leave.

She said he handcuffed her and gagged her before being sexually assaulted and forced to take a two-hour bath with him. 

He then allegedly strangled her to the point that she lost consciousness, prompting Hinton to strike her with a pipe wrench to wake her up, in addition to stabbing her to see if she was still alive. 

The complaint says Hinton cut her fingers with a knife when she didn't answer questions to his liking and threatened to cut off her fingers and cut out her eyes. 

The woman attempted to escape but initially couldn't because the door handle was removed and the door was nailed shut. She eventually got out after Hinton had left the home, at which point she ran to a nearby home for help. 

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Hinton admitted to assaulting the woman with police noting that he was surprised to find out she was still alive. 

The victim's injuries included multiple stab wounds to her leg, serious cuts to her fingers and bruising around her eyes so severe that made it difficult to determine the extent of injuries to her head and face. 

Hinton has been charged with seven felonies: 

  • Kidnapping - to facilitate felony or flight (max sentence of 40 years)
  • Kidnapping - to commit great bodily harm/terrorize (max sentence of 40 years)
  • 3 counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct (max sentence of 30 years for each count)
  • 1st-degree assault causing great bodily harm (max sentence of 20 years)
  • 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon (max sentence of 7 years)

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