Charges: Father and daughter stole from liquor store that employed them

The pair voided more than $2,000 of customer transactions and pocketed the difference.
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A father and daughter have been charged with stealing almost $2,500 from the liquor store where they worked in White Bear Lake.

Windell Roby, 51, and Brittney Russell, 30, of St. Paul and Roseville, respectively, have each been charged with theft over a series of alleged incidents between Nov. 6 and 29.

The pair were employed at Summit Liquor, at 2000 County Road E. in White Bear Lake, and over the course of the 23-day period are accused of stealing cash and liquor from the store.

The co-owner and manager became suspicious after one of the busiest days of the year – the day before Thanksgiving – raked in half of what they expected.

Further investigation found that cash sales had dipped by about 40 percent.

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It turns out that Russell and Roby had allegedly pocketed the proceeds of 117 transactions totaling $2,463.82.

Surveillance video showed the pair ringing up items, taking the cash from customers and making change, before voiding the cash sale and pocketing the money at the end of their shifts.

Footage also showed Roby stealing high-end bottles of liquor from the store.

The pair both declined interviews when requested by police.

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