Charges: Hector man bit cop's head, threatened to take 'everyone to hell'

The suspect has been charged with nine felonies.
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Dane Michael VanderVoort

A south-central Minnesota man is facing nine felony charges after holding two women captive and fighting a police officer who arrived at the scene. 

A criminal complaint filed against Dane Michael VanderVoort, 32, of Hector, details the March 16 incident, which investigators say began with him texting threats to an ex-girlfriend whose relationship with VanderVoort had ended in November. 

The complaint states that VanderVoort threatened to "take everyone that he hates to hell with him," telling his former girlfriend to tell them that "it was going to happen tonight." 

The woman was in her kitchen at her home in Fairfax with another woman when at approximately 7:30 p.m. VanderVoort entered the home, flashed a pistol and took his ex-girlfriend's friend's cellphone, threatening to start shooting if the cops showed up. 

VanderVoort then pushed his ex against kitchen cabinets and held the gun to back, later randomly pointing the gun at both women and playing with the weapon on a table. When the ex-girlfriend told VanderVoort that she didn't think he would really shoot her, he held the pistol to her leg and said: "You don't think I will shoot you?"

VanderVoort also tried to get his ex to contact her brother so he could shoot him in the face in front of both women, the complaint says. 

At one point, the ex-girlfriend texted her mother and told her call the police.

Officer Derek Carlson of the Fairfax Police Department arrived at the home and knocked on the door, then entered after hearing someone say "come in." He was immediately confronted by VanderVoort, who pulled a gun from behind his back and pointed it directly at Carlson from 4-5 feet away. 

In fear for his life, the officer grabbed VanderVoort's gun and attempted to point it away from everyone in the house. The fight spilled into a small bathroom near the kitchen, which led to VanderVoort attempting to grab Carlson's gun and at one point bloodying the officer by biting his head

Carlson eventually was able to use a Taser on VanderVoort, but it was ineffective until he turned up the power, forcing VanderVoort to give up and be placed under arrest. 

Two pistols were recovered at the scene, with police learning that VanderVoort was holding one pistol while another pistol was in his back pocket. 

VanderVoort has been charged with nine felonies, including 1st-degree assault with use of deadly force against a peace officer, three counts of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, burglary, attempting to disarm a peace officer, terroristic threats, and theft. 

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