Charges: In fit of rage, mother threw son with autism over 4th-floor balcony

The 33-year-old St. Paul woman is charged with second-degree attempted murder.
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Itayvia Lloyd

A St. Paul mother has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly threw her disabled son over their fourth-floor apartment balcony.

The frightening incident happened Monday at an apartment building located on the 700 block of Hampden Ave., with responding officers finding an 11-year-old boy wearing only underwear seriously injured after being thrown from a fourth-story balcony. 

The boy was conscious and lying on his stomach. He could not speak, was bleeding from his mouth and appeared to have broken his legs. The criminal complaint notes that when the officer checked him for spinal injuries, it was clear he had also suffered horrific facial injuries.

The child will need multiple surgeries to recover.

Inside the apartment where the boy lived was his mother, 33-year-old Itayvia D. Lloyd. 

Officers knocked on the door and she asked "Who is it?" Officers entered and found her naked in the bathtub. She refused to respond when police informed her that her son was injured and refused to answer when asked what happened. 

A 6-year-old boy who opened the door for police said Lloyd took the 11-year-old boy from the top of their bunkbed and threw him off the balcony. 

In a later interview at Midwest Child Resource Center, the 6-year-old said he awoke to his older brother laughing and then Lloyd saying "This is not a joke – stop laughing." That's when Lloyd allegedly grabbed the boy from the bunk. 

The 6-year-old got out of bed and asked where his brother was, with Lloyd telling him that she "threw his older brother over the balcony," the criminal complaint says. 

While being arrested, Lloyd began speaking incoherently and during an interview at police headquarters she said she had smoked marijuana and couldn't remember what happened. 

“I don’t really remember. My son...was on the top bunk playing around as usual, but this morning, I threw that kid off the balcony. He really fell. For real," Lloyd said, according to the complaint.

She again began speaking incoherently and removed all of her clothes, ending the interview.

The next day, Lloyd told police that her incoherent actions were an act and that she had "snapped" and wanted her son, who she said is non-verbal and autistic, dead because she was in a fit of rage stemming from stress in her life, including an argument with her girlfriend. 

Asked if she took out her anger on her son because of his disabilities, Lloyd said "Yes, it’s safe to say that.” Asked if in that moment she was trying to kill him, she replied: “Yes, but I want my baby here.”

Lloyd has been charged with second-degree attempted murder along with two counts of fourth-degree assault of a peace officer for allegedly throwing a punch at one officer and spitting on another. 

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