Charges: Man attacked 4 roommates with X-Acto knife, frying pan in St. Anthony

Among the victims was his girlfriend and her mother.
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More details have emerged about the incident in St. Anthony on Wednesday morning, when a man injured four people while wielding an "edged weapon."

That weapon, it has emerged, is an X-Acto knife, which Raphael Simmons, 32, is accused of using to stab and slash his roommates at the home they share on the 2600 block of 29th Avenue NE.

The first victim he's accused of attacking was his girlfriend's mother, but he didn't use the knife to attack her, but a frying pan, according to the criminal complaint.

He knocked her unconscious, causing internal injuries and bleeding from the head that resulted in her needing to have her spleen removed.

After she had been knocked out, another housemate who had heard the commotion went to see what was going on, only for Simmons to approach her and say: "You will bow down to me."

They scuffled, with Simmons slashing her left forearm with the X-Acto knife, before she locked herself in the bathroom to escape.

A third roommate, who was outside, ran in to try and get the first victim out of the house, only to grapple with Simmons and suffer several cuts and stab wounds. He ran out of the house and raised the alarm, knocking on neighboring houses so the police could be called.

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Simmons' girlfriend then returning home, having been on the phone with her mother just before she was attacked, and when she saw Simmons he asked her: "Do I need to stab you too?"

They then started fighting as Simmons trying to grab her car keys so he could escape, placing the woman in a headlock that almost made her pass out. She also suffered a cut to the head that required staples to close.

Simmons eventually left the house and tried to escape in a car, after telling police to "shoot me" and "kill me."

He was eventually pulled from the car by police after they used a Taser and pepper spray, before he was arrested.

He's been charged with 4 counts of assault, including one count of 1st degree assault causing great bodily harm.

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