Charges: Man behind racist Arby's sign caught after posting it on Facebook

He was bored and thought it was funny, he told police.
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A man has been charged with altering the drive-thru sign at an Arby's Restaurant in Brooklyn Center to display a racist and sexist slurs.

A picture of the altered sign outside the Brooklyn Boulevard restaurant, reading "Now hiring n------ and w-----" were shared on social media, prompting an apology from Arby's who said its sign had been "compromised."

As it turns out, the first person who posted a picture of the sign on social media is the person who has been charged with changing it to display the slurs.

Usindini Christopher Colling-Harper, 19, of Minneapolis, has been charged with criminal defamation, disorderly conduct and public nuisance.

According to a criminal complaint, police investigating the incident found that the first picture to appear showing the altered sign appeared on Facebook at 3:31 a.m. on Sept. 1, posted by a "Chris Harper" with a caption "Seems like Arby's is hiring in bc."

The last Arby's workers had left the premises at 12:15 a.m., at which point the sign had not been touched.

Before speaking with Harper about his post, they spoke with his girlfriend, who admitted to officers that Harper told her he'd changed the sign as a joke.

When officers met with Harper, he told them he changed the letters on the sign because he was bored while waiting for a bus, and thought it would be funny.

He also said he didn't mean to cause any harm to Arby's and apologized.

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Arby's employees told police that they had been inundated with harassing and threatening phone calls since the photo appeared, and also been yelled at through the drive-thru intercom.

In a statement on Thursday, Brooklyn Center Police Department said that the sign was " inappropriate, offensive and is in no way indicative of the values of our community."

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