Charges: Man brandished gun at teen driver after objecting to her Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker

The road rage incident happened in Moorhead earlier this week.
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Joseph Schumacher

A North Dakota man has been charged with three offenses after he allegedly flashed a gun at a teenage driver in apparent anger at her Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker.

Joseph Schumacher, 27, of Bismarck, was arrested after the 18-year-old Moorhead woman reported a man pulling alongside her near Concordia College, rolled down his window, and shouted "his dislike for the political bumper sticker" on her car, charging documents explain. 

That sticker was for Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, with Schumacher himself having a bumper sticker saying "Trump-Pence" on his vehicle, which he pointed to as he shouted at the teen.

Schumacher was "screaming" at the driver, a criminal complaint states, but the confrontation then escalated when he pulled in front of her car and brandished a handgun.

The victim noted the license plate, with police finding his vehicle nearby in a kabob restaurant. Schumacher was found inside wearing a "Trump 2020" cap.

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When interviewed by police, Schumacher, a student at Minnesota State University-Moorhead, said he believed he'd been flirting with the teen, and denied holding up the gun.

However, one of the passengers who was in the car with him told police that he had indeed "produced a pistol" during the incident, with police finding two loaded guns inside his car.

Schumacher doesn't have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and was charged with carrying a weapon without a permit, unlawful transportation of firearms, and disorderly conduct.

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