Charges: Man broke into home, stole woman's bra, underwear

The Litchfield man is a facing a felony burglary charge.
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A Litchfield man is facing felony burglary charges after being caught on camera stealing underwear from a woman's laundry room. 

According to a criminal complaint filed in Meeker County, 65-year-old Wayne Scott Christie is accused of breaking into a woman's home on the 700 block of North Marshall Avenue in Litchfield, stealing a pair of underwear and a bra and then coming back later to return the items. 

He was caught on security cameras by the homeowner, who told police that she left town to go camping on July 27 and returned July 29. She reviewed her surveillance footage and saw the unwelcome man entering her home on two separate occasions. 

The footage, the complaint says, shows Christie entering her home on July 28 and then leaving just before noon. That same day, he came back at approximately 1:51 p.m., went back to the laundry room and left the house one minute later. 

He was wearing a dark shirt with "shiny shorts" the first time he broke in and the second time was wearing a different shirt with the same shorts. 

It's unclear what he did with the bra and underwear while he was gone, but the woman provided the stolen garments to police as evidence. 

Christie is facing charges of second-degree burglary, a felony, and misdemeanor theft. 

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