Charges: Man raped and brutally stabbed woman he met at transit station

The woman was lucky to survive the attack, that left her with severe facial trauma.
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A St. Paul man has been charged with the brutal rape and stabbing of a woman he met through a friend at a bus station.

The woman was lucky to survive the horrific attack that was allegedly inflicted by George Dudley, 30, at his home on Van Buren Avenue on Friday night.

According to a criminal complaint, Dudley met his victim through a friend at the Lake Street Transit Station in Minneapolis at 10 p.m. that night.

Dudley told her he was going to the liquor store to get some alcohol, with the woman deciding to tag along. They then went behind a bank and drank some vodka, at which point Dudley raped her despite her protests.

They then took the 21 bus to St. Paul, going to the property Dudley shares with flatmates. Dudley demanded sex again and when she refused he hit her, eventually removing her clothes and raping her again.

The victim didn't remember anything else, but Dudley called the police at about 2 a.m., saying there was an "unknown" woman bleeding heavily in the bathroom.

When responders got there, officers saw a large butcher knife on the counter in the kitchen, and found the woman lying naked in a large pool of blood.

She had been stabbed, with medics finding a 3-inch laceration to the right side of her head, a stab wound to her chin, and a stab wound to her shoulder.

Police detained Dudley and his three roommates as they tried to determine what had happened. When they were all taken to a police station, Dudley smashed a hole through a wall using his head.

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Officers were initially told the victim might not survive the night, but she eventually improved thanks to surgery and a blood transfusion, though doctors said she had severe facial trauma.

Police then matched a Hopkins High School letter jacket Dudley owned with the jacket worn by the man in surveillance footage of the transit station. Blood was also found on his hoodie and slip-on shoes.

Dudley, who has four previous felony convictions including 5th degree assault, domestic assault, and two Domestic Abuse No Contact Order violations, has been charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and 1st degree assault – great bodily harm.

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