Charges: Man burglarized 80+ restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores in the Twin Cities

Nearly 70 different places were targeted, many of them multiple times.
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White Bear Lake PD put out this photo of the suspected burglar in November 2018. 

White Bear Lake PD put out this photo of the suspected burglar in November 2018. 

A St. Paul man is facing numerous felony charges after being accused of more than 80 burglaries during a crime spree that began August 2018 and lasted through late October 2019. 

Deondre Ramon Cush, 35, is facing 17 counts of burglary in Ramsey County District Court, according to a 28-page criminal complaint that includes investigative details from police departments in Anoka, Bloomington, Edina, Mankato, Mendota Heights, Minneapolis, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Saint Paul, Richfield, Roseville, St. Paul, West Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, Ramsey and Richfield. 

Cush is suspected of burglarizing at least 69 different restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores in the Twin Cities, along with one in Mankato and St. Peter, respectively, while many of his alleged targets were burglarized multiple times to bring the total number of crimes committed to more than 80.  

Cush is believed to have gained entry into the businesses by breaking through doors or windows by using a rock or brick, or using a tool to pry open doors. 

Among the establishments victimized in the criminal complaint: 

  1. Cave Cravings in White Bear Lake
  2. Coffee Bene in St. Paul
  3. Finnish Bistro in St. Paul
  4. Hampden Park Co-Op in St. Paul
  5. El Loro Mexican Restaurant in Bloomington
  6. Taqueria El Ranchito in Richfield
  7. Mac's Fish N' Chips in St. Paul
  8. Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant in St. Paul
  9. El Tejaban Mexican Grill in Richfield
  10. Los Sanchez Taqueria in Richfield
  11. Casa Lupita in White Bear Lake
  12. El Pareinte in White Bear Lake
  13. El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant in Little Canada
  14. Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant in Mendota Heights
  15. Los Padres Mexican Food in Edina
  16. Domino’s Pizza in Edina
  17. Spyhouse Coffee in St. Paul 
  18. Caribou Coffee in St. Paul
  19. Sakana Sushi and Asian Bistro in St. Paul
  20. Green Mill in St. Paul
  21. Colossal Café in St. Paul
  22. Coldfront coffee in St. Paul
  23. Halloween Express in Richfield
  24. Bru House Coffee in New Brighton
  25. Acapulco in New Brighton
  26. Original Mediterranean Grill in New Brighton
  27. Tavail Grill in St. Paul
  28. Claddagh Coffee in St. Paul
  29. Manana’s in St. Paul
  30. Don Julio’s in White Bear Lake
  31. J. Selby in St. Paul
  32. Sha’rels Café in Oakdale
  33. Tres Cantina in Anoka
  34. Mucci’s Italian Restaurant in St. Paul
  35. Randy’s Premier Pizza in Oakdale
  36. Giuseppe’s in New Brighton
  37. Dairy Queen in New Brighton
  38. China Tiger in New Brighton
  39. Dairy Queen in North St. Paul
  40. Naughty Greek in St. Paul
  41. Dairy Queen in Roseville
  42. Brueggers in St. Paul
  43. Marco’s Pizza in Anoka
  44. Ka Baung in St. Paul
  45. Chili's in Bloomington
  46. Gordy’s Bar in Little Canada
  47. Yarmo Liquor in St. Paul
  48. Capital Guitars in St. Paul
  49. Los Sanchos Taqueria in St. Paul
  50. Coffee Hag in Mankato
  51. Domino's Pizza in St. Peter
  52. Groundswell Coffee in St. Paul
  53. Kim’s Chow Mein in St. Paul
  54. Choo Choo Bob’s Store in St. Paul
  55. Izzy’s Ice Cream in St. Paul
  56. The Nook in St. Paul
  57. Marty’s Bar in West St. Paul
  58. Joe and Stan’s Bar and Grill in St. Paul
  59. Aurelio’s Pizza in Ramsey
  60. Dairy Queen in New Brighton
  61. Dairy Queen in Anoka
  62. Kwe Ba Baung in St. Paul
  63. Russia Market in Anoka
  64. Riverbend Bar in St. Paul
  65. Arepa Bite in Mounds View
  66. Piece of Cake in St. Paul
  67. 5-8 Club in Minneapolis
  68. El Burrito Mercado in Minneapolis
  69. Grand Old Creamery in Minneapolis

The history on Cush's' phone also revealed that he visited Twin Cities media websites regarding stories about a "White Bear Lake Restaurant Burglary Theft Suspect," the criminal complaint states. 

The charging documents also note that Cush's cellphone history revealed the following searches: 

  • "How to take a safe off floor"
  • "How to take safe off floor when its bolted down"
  • "How easy it is breaking into safe"
  • "Breaking into safe in 2 minutes"
  • "How do you break safe off floor when its bolted down"

Cush's criminal history includes seven felony convictions, including theft of a motor vehicle, assault, burglary, drug charges, stalking, and aiding and abetting murder, which the Pioneer Press reports was related to the 2008 fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man in St. Paul. 

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