Charges: Man killed his grandmother with wrench, tried to kill mom and sister

The suspect said he didn't want to go back on mental health medication or return to a hospital.
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David Ekers

A 34-year-old Plymouth man has been charged with the murder of his grandmother and the attempted murder of his mother and sister in Maple Grove.

Police were called to the residence by a man who said his son, later identified as David Ekers, was attacking members of his family.

When police arrived, they found Ekers' grandmother, mother and sister suffering serious head wounds having been struck repeatedly with a wrench.

Ekers' father said he'd been working in the basement with Ekers, who then went upstairs. He then reported hearing a scream of "David, no!" The father rushed upstairs to find Ekers standing with a wrench in his hand, which he dropped, and found the three victims on the ground.

He struck his grandmother five times with the wrench, and her injuries were so severe she didn't survive.

He first attacked his sister, striking her 5 or 6 times in the dining room, before "going to find his grandmother." He attacked his mother when she returned upstairs after going to find her husband.

The attacks on the mother and sister caused them critical injuries that may yet claim their lives. They are still on ventilators in intensive care.

The criminal complaint against Ekers says he has mental health issues, and he told officers he wanted to kill his family members "because he did not want to be on medication or go back to the hospital."

"The defendant stated that his mother had thought something was wrong the day before and wanted him to go to the hospital."

He says he didn't attack his father because he saw him "as an ally."

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