Charges: Man killed mom-of-3 after she kicked him out of her home

The 27-year-old's body was found in her Frogtown home on Friday.
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The mother found dead at her home in St. Paul had been shot multiple times and her body dragged to the property's basement.

Murder charges were filed on Monday against Shakee Shabazz Miller-Brantley, 28, says he shot mother-of-three Jessica Williams, 27, after she broke up with him and kicked him out of her Frogtown home.

Williams bled to death after suffering gunshot wounds to the scalp, neck, and upper left extremity.

Her body was found in her home at 555 Charles Avenue on Friday, after a daycare reported she had failed to pick up one of her children.

Her emergency contact picked up the child and went to the home, where she found Williams' two other children, who didn't know where their mother was. She noticed blood on the kitchen however, and took the children out of the house.

Police then found Williams' body at the bottom of the basement with something placed over her head. It appears her body had been dragged from the basement, with officers also finding 6 spent .22 casings in the living room and kitchen.

Officers were told by the older children that a man named "Sabash" had been staying at their home, later identified as Miller-Brantley.

Williams' Ford Explorer was also missing, and it was found just over a half mile from Miller-Brantley's mother's house, which is where police found the suspect along with a Ruger .22 handgun and blood-stained shoes.

He told police that he'd met Williams at school and they'd been together five months, but she'd "put him out" and he didn't know why.

"She stopped wanting to have sex with him and was talking to other people on Facebook," the criminal complaint said. "He thought she was sleeping around behind his back and it made him sad."

He also claimed Williams was acting crazy, "snapping at him, talking crazy, and nagging him for no reason so he just left."

Suspect: I thought she was armed

When he was told that Williams was dead though, Miller-Brantley admitted that he had fired the Ruger inside her home.

"He said JW was talking crazy. He thought she was going to set him up and he thought his life was in danger. He claimed she threatened to call the police or kill him if he didn’t give her the gun [she had bought for him] back. She had a bag and he didn’t know what was inside it," the complaint says.

"He said he didn’t want to do it, but she kept talking to him like he was a kid," and then he "busted her" when she threatened him, but found she wasn't armed when he searched her bag. He says he maybe shot Williams 4 or 5 times.

Further interviews with Miller-Brantley's mother, who said her son is a paranoid schizophrenic who is not taking medication. She says he'd come back from Williams' house visibly upset, and was looking out of the window and mumbling to himself.

Williams' sister said Miller-Brantley was angry with Williams for breaking up with him.

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