Man charged with gruesome murder of missing teen

The 19-year-old went missing in early April, and her former roommate has been charged with her murder.
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Dystynee Avery.

Dystynee Avery.

A Moorhead man has been charged with the murder of his former roommate, a 19-year-old woman whose body he allegedly dismembered and placed in dumpsters outside his apartment.

Ethan Broad, 27, was charged with 2nd-degree murder on Monday, in connection with the death of Dystynee Avery.

Warning: Story contains upsetting details.

Avery was reported missing having not been seen since Apr. 3, and while her body had not yet been found, on Friday police arrested Broad after evidence led them to suspect he had killed her.

In a criminal complaint filed against Broad, he initially claimed to police that someone else had hit Avery over the head with a lead pipe and cut her throat.

But he later admitted to police that he had dismembered Avery's body, placed the parts in garbage bags, and put them in the dumpsters outside his apartment building.

Police later found a bloody saw with human tissue on it inside Broad's garage, while a bin in the garage was found with "a large amount of blood inside."

Ethan Broad

Ethan Broad

A check of surveillance footage showed Broad pulling a blue tote from his apartment to the garage.

It's not clear when Avery was killed, but police found several spots of blood inside Broad's apartment, which were pink in color after an attempt had been made to clean it up.

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Both Avery and Broad had briefly been roommates, though the 19-year-old had moved out and taken her belongings with her.

No motive for the killing was provided in the complaint. Avery was reported missing by her mother, who lives in Colorado, on Apr. 9.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Avery's aunt to help her sister, Doreen Avery, to organize a funeral and bring Avery's body back to Colorado when it is recovered.

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