Charges: Man knocked woman out before kidnapping their baby

The baby was dropped off at urgent care in Minnetonka a day after being taken.
Jamal Lamarr Jones

A man who sparked a kidnapping alert last week in St. Paul has been charged with stalking and domestic assault. 

Jamal Lamarr Jones, 21, remains at large following the June 24 incident, in which he's accused of knocking the mother of their child unconscious, then fleeing with their 7-month-old baby. 

According to a charging document, the mother called police at 8:54 p.m. after she regained consciousness following the assault. When she woke up, Jones and their baby were gone and she didn't know how long she'd been knocked out. 

She told police that Jones became angry when she wouldn't let him leave with the baby, which she said led to Jones punching her all over her body with closed fists and then "banging her head off the living room floor for about three minutes," the criminal complaint said. 

One day after St. Paul Police Department issued a missing persons report for the child – the criminal complaint says an AMBER Alert was issued – an "unknown male" dropped off the baby at North Memorial Urgent Care in Minnetonka. 

The baby was unharmed and soon thereafter reunited with the mother. 

Jones is not in custody and due to "serious concerns" about his violent history, a warrant for his arrest has been issued. 

Per the criminal complaint, Jones has been charged with assault three times in the past month, all of them against the mother of his child. 

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