Charges: Man pointed gun at boy, 14, for throwing stuff

It later turned out to be a BB gun, though the boy didn't know that at the time.
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A man has been charged with threatening a 14-year-old boy with what turned out to be a BB gun at a trailer park in Fridley.

The incident was reported Thursday at 7:32 p.m. at the Fridley Terrace Trailer Park, with the boy running up to arriving officers to say a man had pointed a gun at him.

He brought police to the suspect, later identified as Daniel Wilhelm, 34, of Columbia Heights.

The boy said Wilhelm "became irritated with him" before pulling out a black handgun, pulling back the slide, and saying: "Get out of here."

When questioned by police, Wilhelm claimed the boy had thrown a stick and a rock at a woman who was a friend of his. He also denied having a gun.

A woman who was also present told police the boy "had hit a bar in the park with a metal object and threw a piece of glass." She also denied a gun was used.

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Police later found a black handgun in the trunk of Wilhelm's car, which was later determined to be a BB gun, as well as a pipe typically used to smoke meth in the passenger seat of his car.

Similar pipes were found in a backpack in the car, as well as in the front pocket of the woman questioned at the scene.

Wilhelm has been charged with two counts of threats of violence and one of carrying a BB gun in a public place.

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