Charges: Man points shotgun at girls, tells them to get off his lawn or he'll shoot

The girls are aged 8 and 9.
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Scott Johnston

A North Mankato homeowner is facing assault charges after threatening to shoot two neighboring children if they didn't get off of his lawn.

Scott Johnston, 59, allegedly pulled a "long, black gun" and pointed it at two girls, aged 8 and 9, who live in the neighboring property this past Friday.

The girls told police that Johnston yelled at them "and told them that he would shoot them with the gun if they didn’t stop playing on his lawn."

The girls ran inside and told their parents what had happened, with police then called to the scene, according to a criminal complaint.

One witness went next door to confront Johnston, but he wouldn't come to the door, nor would he when police arrived.

Attempts to call him were also unsuccessful, and ultimately a SWAT team had to be called in. Johnston eventually exited the home just before midnight.

When his house was searched, police found a Remington Magnum 20 gauge shotgun with a loaded magazine, although there was no shell in the chamber.

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When interviewed, Johnston said he was went outside his home to smoke a cigarette when he saw children running through his yard. He said he told them not to do that and then saw them run back into the neighboring house.

He doesn't remember anything else up to the point police arrived, telling officers he'd been drinking and "had a good buzz going."

He admitted he owned the shotgun but denied pointing it at anyone.

Johnston is now facing two charges of 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

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