Charges: Man raped teen 3 times in same house his girlfriend is found dead

The man is under investigation for the woman's murder.
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Warning: The contents of this story are extremely upsetting.

Charges have revealed more details of the horrific incident in a St. Paul townhome on Monday, in which a woman was found dead and a teenager subjected to a brutal sexual assault.

Ivan Dan Walker, 33, who has a Stillwater address but is from East Saint Louis, has been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault after the discovery on the 1500 block of Jessamine Lane.

The charges say he raped a 16-year-old girl on three occasions in the house, apparently after the death of his girlfriend, identified by the Pioneer Press as Shana Hollins, 39, in the upstairs of the townhome.

Walker is under investigation in the death of the mother-of-three, with whom he had been staying.

The sexually assaulted teenager is Hollins' relative and was visiting from out of town, the criminal complaint against Walker says. 

When police interviewed the traumatized girl, she said that he'd confessed to killing Hollins.

She told officers she had been downstairs in the house while Hollins, Walker, and two of her sons – aged 20 and 7 – were upstairs.

Walker came downstairs, grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. When she tried to fight back, he punched her and told her to be quiet or he "would have to kill you too."

"Nobody is going to help you," he told her, before sexually assaulting her twice in the basement.

When she persuaded him to let her use the bathroom upstairs, she saw Hollins on a bed, and noted that her feet were purple.

"She saw the defendant snort some cocaine with a straw from a CD case," the complaint continues. "He then placed the straw next to [Hollins]. He told her that he was going to make the death look like an overdose."

Hollins' body was found with a straw in her nose.

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The teenager was then sexually assaulted a third time, this time in the kitchen.

After convincing Walker that he should leave, the victim went to Hollins' 20-year-old son's bedroom and gave him a knife, telling him to call the police and lock his door as Walker had killed his mother.

Walker was picked up by police at lunchtime Monday near 7th Place and Minnesota in St. Paul.

He denied wrongdoing in an interview, providing police with an alibi. The person he named, however, did not confirm this alibi.

He has been charged with one count of kidnapping to facilitate flight, and one count of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct.

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