Charges: Man shot and killed dog in front of 2 toddlers

An argument over finances led to the shooting, according to a criminal complaint.
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A Minnesota man is facing felony charges after allegedly killing a dog in front of his girlfriend and two young children. 

Richard Taylor Jordan, 31, of Chatfield, has been charged with one count animal torture and one count of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety after using a shotgun to kill his dog following an argument with his girlfriend. 

The incident unfolded the evening of Nov. 8 at a residence in Orion Township, with a criminal complaint saying Jordan and his girlfriend got into an argument over finances, with Jordan's girlfriend at one point taking his debit card and putting it in her shirt. 

The complaint says the woman and Jordan were wrestling for the card when she fell to the floor in the kitchen, and when Jordan continued to try and get his card back their dog nipped him on the ankle. 

All the while, two children under the age of 3 years old were just feet away. 

After the dog nipped Jordan, the complaint says he left the kitchen and returned moments later with a pump-action shotgun. The dog was said to be cowering under the kitchen table when Jordan approached with the shotgun, leaned down and shot it in the neck, killing it. 

The complaint says Jordan immediately said it was an accident, then took the shotgun apart and placed it in the trunk of a vehicle. 

Jordan was arrested and later admitted to intentionally shooting the dog out of fear for his safety and to protect the children. 

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